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•  Our expert cleaning team will send you quotes based on your specific requirements, site visit on request or if needed.

•  Please bring to the notice of our service providers any cleaning issues you may come across before they try to leave the premises so that they can be taken care of.

• Customer should check if all the areas or services promised are completed by the service provider, and if there are any complaints they should be communicated before the workers leave. Any complaints after bill settlement will be considered void

• washing of utensils are not included in the service. 

On receiving the order, a team available to the nearest location and availble on the slected date, time slot will be assigned to you. 

The cleaning team will contact you to get a detailed requirements and as per the that a quote will be given to you.On the approval of the quote, the work will start as per your availability and convenience.

Do I have to provide cleaning materials and equipments for cleaning?

No, the cleaning team will be equiped with all the materials and machine needed for the cleaning process. You do not have to provide anything for the service.

What if there are hard stains to be removed?

Our cleaning teams are specialized to remove all kinds of stubborn and hard stains in the kitchen. It is included in the package. 

Looking for expert kitchen deep cleaning services near Abudhabi ? 

When your existing kitchen is too dirty and stained, or when you are moving to a new house, we bring you the best kitchen cleaning services near you, at your convenience, with best prices. Our service partners provide services in Abudhabi.

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