Hourly Rate or price per transaction? What works best for a home maintenance service?


Let us give you two scenarios You have an electrical problem at home because a switchboard not working. You agree pay a service provider a fixed amount for fixing the switchboard. Once he starts working on the switchboard, he tell you that there is a problem with the wiring, which may extend to the fusebox, and that there could be more problems there. Would you still be ok to pay for each . . .

01 Apr 2021

How JOBOY delivers love on Valentine’s Day


From a simple smile to a hearty laugh, the reactions that arose on the faces were different. There were, however, some common emotions that showed up – Happiness, surprise, and most importantly, Love. This is what the Joboy team encountered on last Valentine’s Day when they set out to deliver love. The first delivery of the team was at 7 AM in the morning. The surprise . . .

21 Jan 2021

Finding Easier Life with JOBOY!


Dubai as you all know is the King of the Middle East. Over the years this vibrant city has made its mark as the commercial and industrial capital of the Middle East and is perhaps the one of the most important cities currently in the world. The growing IT Hubs, airways and seaways and developing economy has made Dubai the pivot of employment opportunities and one of the most desired . . .

26 Oct 2020
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