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First 1 Hr AED 150
Upto 1.5 Hrs AED 210
Upto 2 Hrs AED 270
Upto 2.5 Hrs AED 330
Upto 3 Hrs AED 390
Upto 3.5 Hrs AED 450
Upto 4 Hrs AED 510

  • Joboy charges for 1 hour service initially and then 30 minutes as additional unit for calculation.
  • After 8 units, 50 AED would be charged for every additional unit. 3. Material charge is additional, Customer can either purchase the material or request the service partner to procure it. Time for material procurement will be charged for billing.
  • We would be charging additional 150 AED in addition to service charge for service delivery between 08:00 PM till 08:00 AM, Sunday and other holidays.
  •  Service provider may help you with quotation in case for long hour work schedules.

▪ After you book the service, plumbers in your area will receive a notification. Kindly wait for the confirmation message.

▪ Meanwhile, you could select the mode of payment. Wherein you also get the online payment option.

▪ The plumber will call and note the details of the problem, to bring along the necessary tools and other equipment.

▪ Make sure all materials for service are kept ready before time. In case you want the JOBOY partner to purchase the materials, let them know beforehand. The time taken for purchase materials will be added part of the service charge.

▪ The plumber can give you a quotation if required for large works. Any new work or extra time can resume after your approval.

▪ When the work is over, our agent will let you know the service charge. Please make the payment accordingly.

Why do I have to pay an inspection/minimum charge?

You dont have to pay a minimum charge in all cases. Inspection charge compensates the provider for his travel expenses, time, and effort, in case you decide not to proceed with the work after inspection is done

Pipe Leakage problems at Home in Abudhabi? Get it fixed.

Water problems are not unusual in our daily lives. Leaking taps in the washroom, slow draining kitchen sinks, and clogged toilets are everyday household issues disturbing you?. Though all of this is common, it’s not easy to find plumbers around UAE at the required time. Here, JOBOY offers quickly accessible solutions to all water problems in residential areas near Abudhabi.

Plumbing solutions near Abudhabi

Plumbers in and around UAE have joined us to deliver quick services to water issues. JOBOY has enabled residents in Abu Dhabi to avail themselves of the services according to their convenience. We have upto seven days warranty for all the plumbing services that our partners provide across UAE. JOBOY plumbers will be on time to deliver services in Abu Dhabi and other UAE regions. Efficient plumbing services are available with affordable inspection charges at Abudhabi. Dripping faucets, broken fittings, or low water pressure in your house, will no longer delay your schedules. Contact JOBOY for instant assistance.

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